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At Eco-Green Coatings, we recognize the many diverse and unique products that make up the business and consumer markets. With that in mind, we know that no two products are the same and that each one deserves to be approached from a different angle. Our InterCoat® ChemGuard products have been developed with the best InterReactive® Coating technology available and have the ability to be formulated for your specific product, helping you transcend above the competition.

We can formulate our products to enhance formability and stampability while still providing outstanding corrosion protection. Additionally, the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of coatings can be adjusted to be 98% metallic by weight, providing excellent conductivity characteristics.

InterCoat® ChemGuard can provide excellent corrosion protection on the least amount of zinc (such as G30) but will provide better corrosion protection than heavy zinc coated products. This can provide many cost and processing savings.

Currently our InterReactive® Coating technology and InterCoat® ChemGuard is being used in oven components, dryer drums, rooftop HVAC units, large air ventilation systems, rooftop manways, electronic boxes, and furniture and fixtures.

At Eco-Green Coatings, it is our mission to be easily accessible in order to help you overcome your technical challenges. Please contact us to see how our products can be formulated to suit your unique products and application.


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