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At Eco-Green Coatings, we recognize the many diverse and unique markets that our service center partners supply. With that in mind, we know that no two products are the same and that each one deserves to be approached from a different angle. Our InterCoat® ChemGuard products have been developed with the best InterReactive® Coating technology available and have the ability to be formulated for your specific product, helping you transcend above the competition.

We can formulate our products to enhance formability and stampability while still providing outstanding corrosion protection. Additionally, the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of coatings can be engineered to meet many characteristics. For our Service Center customers, it is important to know that Eco-Green Coatings has a wealth of technical knowledge to help you and your sales staff to better understand the applications where InterReactive® Coatings and InterCoat® ChemGuard can provide cost effective solutions to meet harsh applications. We strive to educate our service center partners by getting them involved with our technical group for technical support and product education. Our vast breath of successful application experience and problem resolution will help you close on the program quickly and to compress the commissioning process.

Traditionally, many steel consumers purchase products with more zinc when needing additional corrosion protection (G60, G90, G160 or even G235). While more zinc may provide better corrosion protection, it in-turn often causes other issues during processing. When a RoHS InterCoat® ChemGuard coating is applied to HDG G30, it outperforms the corrosion protection one would get from HDG G235CT with hazardous hexavalent chrome. As zinc premiums continue to rise, InterCoat® ChemGuard is a cost effective solution to heavily coated zinc products.

In today's day and age, the marketplace is vast and competitive. Find out how InterReactive® Coatings and InterCoat® ChemGuard can add value to your service center organization and give you a unique solution to your customer’s challenges.

At Eco-Green Coatings, it is our mission to be easily accessible in order to help you overcome your technical challenges. Please contact us to see how our products can be formulated to suit your unique products and application.


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