At Eco-Green Coatings, one of our fastest growing markets is the transportation industry. In today's economy, vehicles are expected to stand up against the test of time and environment. Our InterCoat® ChemGuard products have been developed with the best InterReactive® Coating technology available, helping your products transcend standards and demolish expectations.

We can formulate our products to enhance formability and stampability while still providing outstanding corrosion protection. Additionally, the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of coatings can be adjusted to be 98% metallic by weight, providing excellent conductivity characteristics for welding.

Many of our transportation customers use our InterReactive® Coatings because they are RoHS compliant and provide outstanding corrosion protection. They have the ability to be roll formed or stamped without the need for lubricating oils. Our secondary processors like how they can process dry and not have to post-clean parts. InterCoat® ChemGuard is an excellent adhesion promoter.

Currently our InterReactive® Coating technology and InterCoat® ChemGuard is being used in truck chassis components, trailer components, bus floors, automotive engine components, and other automotive non-body-in-white applications.

At Eco-Green Coatings, it is our mission to be easily accessible in order to help you overcome your technical challenges. Please contact us to see how our products can be formulated to suit your unique products and application.


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