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is the creator of InterReactive® Coatings and the developer of InterCoat® ChemGuard family of coatings. As an InterReactive® Coating, InterCoat® ChemGuard is an innovative corrosion-inhibiting and adhesion-enhancing coating that creates a permanent covalent reaction with most zinc or zinc-alloy coated substrate. This InterReactive® bond is a powerful bond that integrates the coating into the metallic zinc layer, making it inseparable from the substrate, even after aggressive secondary processing. Whether you roll form, perform deep-draw stamping, or even cold-reduce your coated substrate, the integrated InterCoat® ChemGuard coating will remain.

As the developer and producer of InterCoat® ChemGuard, Eco-Green Coatings can work with you and your company to find ways in which our line of coatings can add value to your current products. InterCoat® ChemGuard coatings are engineered formulations that can be customized to meet your product requirements and demands. Lubricity can be adjusted so that roll forming or stamping can be successful without wet lubrication, eliminating the need to post-clean parts With the rising cost of zinc premiums greatly increasing the cost of heavily zinc-coated substrates (such as HDG G165 or HDG G235), InterCoat® ChemGuard allows consumers to replace some of these costly zinc premiums with our coating. Allowing a HDG G30 with InterCoat® ChemGuard to perform on par or better than HDG G235CT.

Eco-Green Coatings has realized that the most cost effective way to apply InterCoat® ChemGuard is at the mills. Therefore, Eco-Green Coatings has created InterCoat® ChemGuard Mill Applied Products (MAP):

  • InterCoat® ChemGuard 305 CT - an RoHS compliant chemtreat that is post-paintable
  • InterCoat® ChemGuard 315 L - an RoHS compliant InterReactive® coating designed specifically to reduce the amount of zinc while providing incredible corrosion protection
    • InterCoat® ChemGuard 315 L can be welded, roll formed/stamped, and post-painted

Eco-Green Coatings is continually developing new products. InterCoat® ChemGuard products can be custom engineered for the toughest of applications. InterCoat® ChemGuard can be tinted and can have added lubricity for extreme secondary processing. Also, InterCoat® ChemGuard products now offer antimicrobial protection and technology.

Although InterReactive® Coatings were first created for a specific market, we've discovered that the need for advanced corrosion-inhibiting coatings in the coiled and sheet steel markets is vast and limitless. With several different coatings in the InterCoat® ChemGuard family, we have products that can fulfill the needs of many different applications. Please visit our products page to see the many innovative products Eco-Green Coatings has to offer. Eco-Green Coatings prides itself on being accessible and always values the opportunity to work with you on your technical challenges and to create opportunities for developing new corrosion-inhibiting solutions that meet your company's specific needs.



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