Eco-Green Coatings is proud to announce the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of InterReactive® Coatings.

ChemGuard 300 Series

The ChemGuard 300 Series is the innovative RoHS-compliant product line of the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of corrosion-inhibiting coatings. Created using Trivalent chrome (Cr-III) and InterReactive® Coating technology, the InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 series chemically reacts with any zinc or zinc-iron-alloy coated substrate to form a secure covalent bond.

Standing above and apart from the competition, the InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 Series is an innovative coating system that is the first of its kind to perform equally as well when compared to traditional hexavalent chrome treatments. Usable as a standalone coating system or as an adhesion-enhancing hybrid pretreatment, the RoHS-compliant ChemGuard 300 Series breaks down the great divide between performance and environmentally friendly, allowing for the best of both worlds.

The InterCoat® ChemGuard family of coatings exceeds the corrosion expectations for both bare and traditional chemtreats. We have the ability to formulate the InterCoat® ChemGuard family to meet your specific performance and applications needs, including: Enhancing corrosion resistance, expanding post-paint adhesion, and increased water-repellancy.

At Eco-Green Coatings, it is our mission to be accessible and ready to work with you on overcoming your technical challenges and needs. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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