Eco-Green Coatings is proud to announce the InterCoat® ChemGuard family of InterReactive® Coatings.

InterCoat® ChemGuard 365 (RoHS)

InterCoat® ChemGuard 365 is an innovative coil-applied, anti-corrosion thin-film acrylic coating that offers the traditional translucent appearance of a thin film acrylic coating with the corrosion protection that is synonymous with the InterCoat® ChemGuard name. Providing excellent white-rust and red-rust corrosion protection on zinc or zinc alloy coated metals, the 365 formulation is a new additional to Eco-Green Coatings.

InterCoat® ChemGuard products vastly exceed the corrosion benchmarks established by traditional coatings and have the ability to be processed without oil or forming solutions. Eco-Green Coatings has the ability to formulate our coatings to overcome your corrosion and secondary processing challenges. Contact Eco-Green Coatings to find a product to match your steel’s needs.




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